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Metrc Compliance Support and Solutions

Is your Metrc inventory management truly up to par?

Is your cannabis business utilizing Metrc inventory management accurately and efficiently? Is it worth taking the risks other cannabis companies have chosen to slide on with poor Metrc system management? It’s a tedious task that requires patience and attention to detail that presents a challenge to many operators, especially dispensary owners. Fear not, PsyCann’s cannabis regulatory experts can help with all your Metrc Compliance needs.

PsyCann is here to help you with all you Metrc compliance needs

PsyCann's Metrc Experts are here to help you succeed

You followed your dream and entered the legal cannabis industry. You applied and received a license to operate a cannabis business and you’ve built your business from the ground up. Due to prudent planning, and calculated risk, you’re a player in the exciting and potentially lucrative cannabis space as either a cultivator, processor, dispensary, transporter, or testing facility. 

However, alongside the dream and the satisfaction, is the crucial regulatory reality of seed-to-sale tracking that cannabis companies have to master to maintain regulatory compliance. 

Most traditional cultivators aren’t legally required to keep track of every plant they grow. Traditional product manufacturers don’t risk losing their business license if a batch of their product isn’t recorded properly in their inventory. Finally, traditional retail establishments don’t usually run the risk of civil penalties for having inaccurate inventory records as dispensary owners do.

When it comes to legal cannabis dispensaries and other operations, such attention to detail is not just a mark of efficiency but a legal requirement. Let PsyCann help you so you can concentrate on your business.

How Can PsyCann Help With Metrc Compliance?

Metrc Onboarding

Metrc Compliance Plans

Inventory Audits and Reconciliation

Metrc POS Software Training for Dispensaries

Metrc Training

Metrc Consulting Support

Metrc Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development

Metrc Cultivation Management Software Training

You Have Questions About Metrc and We Have the Answers

As the required seed-to-sale software provider in 18 states and Washington D.C. Metrc is the current industry standard for tracking the entire supply chain of cannabis plants and products. As such, it is both an inventory management aid and a powerful compliance tool with many “moving parts”. Metrc and regulatory compliance are important and complex, you’re bound to have question or need help no matter your cannabis industry experience. PsyCann can help you answer those questions and offer you the solutions and support you need to maintain regulatory compliance.

What is involved with integrating Metrc?

How much will Metrc cost to be implemented correctly?

Is every product in my business tracked and recorded?

Should we invest in Metrc training?

Am I, as the owner or responsible party, ensuring efficiency and accuracy?

What about the regulators? Are they happy with my business model and my business approach, am I in compliance with state regulations? 

If I get a sudden visit from the state, will they like what they see?

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If you are a cannabis operator and the answers to these questions raise any doubts or concerns then it may be a good time to reach out for an assessment of your implementation, procedures, and state of your seed-to-sale software utilization.

Your prized and hard-earned venture is vulnerable to a Metrc audit at any time. We can Help!

Inventory issues that are not addressed can snowball into a much larger problem. You may find yourself thrust into several painfully stressful and costly weeks as you struggle to reconcile months or years of careless tracking and Metrc infractions. You may even find companies willing to help, but they’ll charge dearly for their expedited processes.

PsyCann's Metrc Audit and Assessment Services

Without a solid compliance management system in place, you face a spectrum of consequences when and if your number comes up. This is because state cannabis regulators have access to your inventory records and can choose to send auditors to determine the reason for inventory discrepancies.  PsyCann helps cannabis companies be prepared with our 3rd party Metrc audit and assessment services.

Cultivation Facility Audits

Dispensary Audits

Manufacturing Facility Audits

Testing Facility Audits

we're great at what we do

Why Choose PsyCann for your Metrc Compliance Needs?

Metrc compliance

We are a truly authentic and consistent team with a laser focus on providing the best experience and outcomes for our clients. Your success is our success because our “WHY” is that if our clients are successful and run business smoothly then the people/patients/customers who benefit from them can have access to the cannabis plant medicine; and underneath it all, THAT is our collective why of this industry.


We recognize the importance of getting this work done efficiently, quickly, and systematically so you can operate your business more predictably. This is why we recommend you start early. Hire experienced professionals like PsyCann to be your trusted advisors as you build the system.

Experience and Skilled

Our team of industry professionals has the experience, skill, and passion it takes to provide your cannabis company the best chance at compliance independence and to build a strong foundation for long-term growth and success. 

Reliable and Consistent

We are a reliable and consistent ally here to help you take advantage of the systems that these complicated regulations expect of you. We use a unique, business-specific approach to offer the checks and balances, dependability, and dedication that gives you the ability to focus on what’s most important to you, growing your market share, building your brand, and serving your clients, employees, and community at large.

Customized Metrc Training Programs

We will build your individual model and platform, empower and train your management team, give you tools to train employees to navigate the daily Metrc inputs, get you off the ground, and fine-tune your system to navigate Metrc with ease and confidence. We offer not only the mechanisms by which to hold and keep you in check with the requirements but also the savvy and experience to use this data to your utmost advantage.

Now Welcoming New Jersey METRC Clients

Why Cannabis Industry Compliance and Metrc are Crucial

metrc audit

In order to have a business in the cannabis industry, you have to keep the systems and management protocols in check to maintain compliance. Having Metrc set up to work for YOU is the best method for maintaining a simple, concise, and compliant cannabis business. If you plan to utilize Metrc as a tool and not a burden on management, you will benefit from greater efficiency as well as serve as an example of responsible industry participation. You will be able to run your operation with predictability and continuity. 

It's Never Too Early to Start Implementing metrc

Here’s the bottom line: The earlier you start Metrc compliance, the more your business has a fighting chance of surviving in this highly competitive and regulation-dominated industry. By placing Metrc compliance at the center of your operational processes you will find greater operating efficiencies as well.

Ready for some great news? There are excellent tools, systems, and strategies to manage inventory reporting and accuracy needs, designed to help you protect yourself and help your business survive and thrive. 

PsyCann’s Metrc consulting team brings significant value because of the experience, custom templates, and tools developed from the need to meet challenges and understanding to navigate this process smoothly. With our knowledge, we can expedite the process and systemize your business model as well as develop solutions that aren’t reliant on any specific employee but can work with any member of your team, whether they are new to the industry or a seasoned expert.

How is Metrc Useful And Helpful?

Metrc provides a monitoring and live auditing system that is intended to ensure that cannabis is grown, transported, and sold within the constraints of the law. It is a regulation device. In addition, Metrc provides all of the following functions:

Metrc Improves Safety & Reduces Illegal Behavior

Through strict quality monitoring of cannabis production, illegal cannabis growth and sales can be reduced. 

Ensures that Cannabis and Cannabis Products are Safe

Metrc requires clear and concise testing results for all medicated products including potency, microbials, and heavy metals, to ensure that all sellable products are up to safety regulation expectations.

Metrc Enables Central Control and Monitoring

Data retrieved through Metrc devices are accumulated and assessed by MED authorities, which improves compliance across cannabis industry businesses throughout the state.

Metrc Balances Privacy and Transparency

While data may be accessible to cannabis compliance enforcers and authorities, it is completely private from business to business. Transactions, sales, and other business operations are not shared from one individually owned and operated business to the next.

Metrc Collects Crucial Data

Metrc collects cumulative economical and operational data, this program provides an overarching view of local and state cannabis industry operations and sales.

Metrc is Online

Metrc can be accessed through a protected online portal, Metrc services are easily accessible for all cannabis businesses.

Metrc is Flexible

Metrc offers integration with the majority of popular POS systems to ensure the cohesiveness of daily operations and compliance.

Metrc Compliance FAQS

METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance.  It is a track and trace system that monitors cannabis from the day it is planted all the way through growth, processing, transport, and sale to a patient or customer. Learn more by reading our Comprehensive Guide to Metrc.

Early adoption and implementation can prevent significant challenges down the road. As time goes on, and your business grows, small discrepancies and variances will continue to grow as well. The truth is, inventory and compliance issues will always arise, but developing a system to manage those issues and rectify the complications that allowed them to happen in the first place is incredibly important. However, you don’t have to try to figure out compliance or procedures on your own.

State authorities have the right to perform audits of cannabis industry businesses. To check compliance, a cannabis-division government agent may inspect the facilities, operations, and inventory of a business, and they may scrutinize their METRC account to audit for discrepancies between the recorded business proceedings and the actual operations within a given business.

Each state’s regulatory authorities differ, for example in Colorado it would be the Marijuana Enforcement Division of Colorado. In Maryland it would be the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) who requires every employee of an operation to be trained in the METRC system.

According to Ron Sigman, the cannabis division of the government can conduct an audit at any point, and they’ll automatically conduct an audit for a flurry of reasons.

First of all, they will always perform an audit if a business attains a license or renews an existing license. In addition, they will investigate any complaints, including those rendered by customers, employees, and other businesses.

Employees are likely to complain if they “are disgruntled or they’ve been terminated,” according to Sigman. Meanwhile, customers may complain, as Sigman states, “if they’re not satisfied with the service or product they received.” What does that mean for your business? While it’s good to keep customers satisfied and keep employees content, it’s best to make sure your licensed cannabis business is compliant.

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