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Dispensary Consulting

Are you looking to open a dispensary or looking to fine tune your current operations?

You’re in luck, our dispensary consulting services will help you start and run a more productive and efficient retail cannabis business. Our cannabis industry consultants provide you with everything from license acquisition to sales training to developing SOPs and so much more, so you can focus on what’s important – your customers and patients!

We're PsyCann and we’re here to help your dispensary every step of the way!

How Can PsyCann Help You With Your Dispensary Needs?

With more states enacting legislation that permits dispensaries to lawfully sell cannabis products more cannabis entrepreneurs are interested in starting their own dispensaries. As many current dispensary operators can tell you, it requires patience, knowledge, and expertise to succeed.

PsyCann’s cannabis industry consultants are here to help you succeed, whether you are looking to get into the industry or already have a dispensary. Our cannabis consulting team has the experience and know-how in both the medical and recreational markets that your dispensary is looking for.

No matter where you are located or what type of help your dispensary needs, PsyCann’s cannabis consultants are with you every step of the way.

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Take a Look at Some of our Dispensary Operations Services

At PsyCann, our cannabis industry consultants have developed a series of services that are extremely comprehensive, no matter what areas your new or established dispensary might need help with. Our objective is to help fill the gaps your team might need to fill as well as free up operators and staff so they can concentrate on their dispensary business and customers. 

Dispensary Licensing Services

If you are looking to open a dispensary, our team can help you through the licensing process. We have a deep understanding of the local and state regulations surrounding dispensaries and can help you navigate the often complex process of obtaining a license.

Sales Training and Support

If you want your dispensary to be successful, it is important that your sales staff is properly trained. Dispensary sales training can help your employees learn about the products you sell, how to answer customer questions, and how to close a sale. Additionally, dispensary sales training can help to build employee morale and increase retention rates.

Vendor Acquisition and Support

Our dispensary vendor acquisition services are designed to save you time and money. We will work with you to identify the right vendors for your business and help you negotiate the best possible terms. We also offer support over the long-term, ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

Dispensary Inventory Management Training

Inventory Management is a big deal in the retail cannabis industry. This is true of any retail business but doubly so for cannabis dispensaries for regulation reasons. Not to worry, Psycann can help enforce and train your staff on inventory management best practices.

Development and Customization of Employee Handbooks and SOPs

Every dispensary needs internal control systems and we can help. PsyCann specializes in developing custom SOPs for your retail cannabis business as well as employee handbooks and training manuals.

Dispensary Software Onboarding and Training

PsyCann can train your dispensary staff how to use Point of Sale and Seed to Sale software systems designed specifically for the cannabis industry. We can even consult with you on the best choices when deciding on what software is best for your specific needs. Be sure to ask about our METRC training as well.

Dispensary Team Building and Recruiting

In any work environment, it is important to have a strong team that works well together. This is especially true in a dispensary, where the staff needs to be able to rely on each other and work together efficiently. One way to ensure you are finding the right team is through recruiting.

Compliant Product Marketing Strategies

Marketing is very important in the cannabis industry and also more difficult than many other industries due to compliance. A good marketing strategy can help to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. Our team consists of cannabis marketing experts who can help you create effective marketing campaigns for your retail cannabis business.

Dispensary Retail Design Consulting

Dispensaries are the retail stores of the cannabis industry, and they should be designed accordingly. Are products easy to view, and is the flow of the retail floor itself efficient? Does the layout support a favorable customer experience, or does it frustrate them?

Compliance Monitoring Engagement and Training

Compliance is a very important aspect of running a cannabis dispensary, it's of the utmost importance that your staff understands this and knows what needs to be done to remain compliant. PsyCann can help train your staff on not only the importance of compliance but also how to maintain it. ICS

Employee Training on Processes and Procedures

Standard operating procedures are important in any industry, but doubly so in the cannabis industry. It's not only important to codify your processes but also to train staff on them. PsyCann can help you not only develop these procedures and processes but also make sure they are trained on these SOPs.

Our Dispensary Consultants

Dispensary consultants are very diverse in what they specialize in, a consultant who is versed in real estate will be different than someone who specializes in developing SOPs. However, both types of experts can help a dispensary. PsyCann’s cannabis industry consultants are all experts in their chosen verticals and can benefit retail cannabis businesses in different ways.

Our dispensary consulting team is very well-rounded, which allows us to support both new and established recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in many ways. Our team provides comprehensive consulting services across all pain points and verticals associated with operating a competitive and successful dispensary in a new and oftentimes chaotic industry. 

Our Cannabis Business Consultants Specialize in:

Application & Technical Writing

Regulatory Compliance

Budtender & Employee Training

Retail Business Operations

Vendor Procurement & Relations

Sales Training

Real Estate

Marketing & Branding

And Much More!!!
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If you’d like to learn more about our services and team to see if we are a good fit for your dispensary needs, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a FREE discovery call. 

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Need Help With Dispensary Training?

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Dispensary Sales Training and Support
At Psycann, we offer comprehensive dispensary sales training and support to help you succeed in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis business consultants will provide you with everything you need to know about running a successful dispensary, from product knowledge to customer service and beyond. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that you are always up-to-date on the latest industry trends and best practices.

Product Knowledge
One of the most important aspects of running a successful cannabis business is having complete and accurate product knowledge. Our team will train you on all of the products we carry, including their uses, benefits, and effects. We will also teach you how to properly store and handle our products, so that you can always provide your customers with the highest quality products possible.

Customer Service
Customer service is another critical component of running a successful dispensary. Our team will train you on how to create a positive customer experience from start to finish, including how to handle difficult situations. We will also provide you with ongoing support so that you can always address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Industry Trends
In order to be successful in the cannabis industry, it is important to stay up-to-date on all of the latest industry trends. Our cannabis industry consultants will keep you informed of any changes or new developments in the industry so that you can always be one step ahead of your competition. We will also provide you with expert insights and analysis so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Best Practices
In addition to staying up-to-date on cannabis industry trends, it is also important to follow best practices when operating a dispensary. Our cannabis consultants will share their years of experience with you so that you can avoid common mistakes and set your business up for success. PsyCann can also provide ongoing support so that you can always be sure that you are following best practices.

We Help Dispensaries Succeed

5 Ways Cannabis Consultants Can Help Your Retail Dispensary

The success of your dispensary depends on many factors, including but not limited to your staff, products, location, and marketing. Cannabis business consultants are part of that success as they can help fill gaps, provide valuable industry experience, or even training on best practices to name a few ways they can help with your success,

Dispensary consultants can help you choose the right location.

Our team of licensing, compliance, and real estate experts can help you find the perfect location for your new dispensary. A dispensary's location is a top priority if you plan to succeed.

Dispensary consultants can help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate your dispensary.

Licensing for cannabis dispensaries can be extremely difficult and frustrating if you are new to the industry. Our team of licensing consultants, technical writers, and application writers has worked on dispensary licensing all across the USA.

Dispensary consultants can help you develop a business plan.

In order to succeed in this industry, you're going to need a business plan. Consultants with years of experience can only help you develop a business plan that will set you up for success over both the short-term and long-term.

Dispensary consultants can help you find the right suppliers.

A cannabis dispensary with limited or low quality products is not going to do well in this industry. PsyCann can assist you in locating the right vendors and products to stock your shelves with in order to be successful.

Dispensary consultants can help you train your staff.

PsyCann offers many different training programs for your entire staff, whether they are operators, managers, or budtenders. Our training programs also cover multiple verticals such as compliance, sales, and software training, to name a few.

cannabis license consultants
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