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Expert Cannabis Compliance Consultants

Navigating the complex and ever-changing cannabis compliance landscape can be daunting, expensive, and time consuming.

PsyCann’s Cannabis Compliance Consultants will take the guesswork out of canna business laws and help your business stay up-to-date on all the latest regulations. We provide a complete suite of services including standard operating procedures development and implementation, regulatory guidance, training, education, third-party audits, and much more.

PsyCann is here to help you with all you regulatory cannabis compliance needs

PsyCann's Compliance Experts Help Cannabis Businesses Succeed

At PsyCann, we understand the unique challenges that businesses in the cannabis industry face when it comes to compliance. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist cultivators, dispensaries, distributors, manufacturers, and other related businesses with all aspects of regulatory compliance.

Our cannabis compliance consultancy customers receive the tools they need to comply with cannabis laws and regulations, as well as the knowledge they need to create a well-designed compliance management strategy that supplements their specific operations and maximizes business development and growth.

Whether you need assistance with keeping up to date on or interpreting regulations, developing standard operating procedures, quality control solutions, auditing, compliance training, or marketing, advertising, and packaging compliance, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how PsyCann’s industry experts can help your business maintain compliance and thrive.

Our Cannabis Consulting Solutions and Support

Cannabis business compliance is all about knowing the rules and following them. The best way to have peace of mind in your business is to make sure your operation plays by the governing rules consistently and smoothly. Our compliance consultants can help cannabis entrepreneurs do just that!

Compliance Plans

Inventory Management, Audits, and Reconciliation

Professional Metrc Solutions and Support

Compliant Cannabis Product Packaging Design

Compliance Training

General Compliance Consulting Support

Compliant Marketing and Advertising Solutions

Customized Compliance Solutions for Your Operation

cannabis license consultants

Start with a Cannabis Business Compliance Discovery Session

We will help streamline your compliance needs, tailor it to your business operations, empower and train your management team, and give you tools to train employees to navigate daily compliance procedures as well as Metrc inputs. Our unique system will save you money and build your revenue through self-sufficiency, system optimization, and training. Become the master of your own compliance with PsyCann Advisors.

Discovery Session Deliverables:

A review of your compliance strengths, weaknesses, and possible solutions.

A thorough review of your existing SOPs.

A review of the training and METRC experience levels of your team.

Summary of Findings Report

We will use our findings to construct a specialized compliance plan tailored specifically for your business. This includes the potential for onboarding, remote and onsite compliance as well as Metrc training, audits, inventory management, compliance binders, regulation updates, license renewals, and ongoing support.

Schedule a Compliance Discovery Session

Compliance is about the peace of mind that comes with ensuring your business consistently and smoothly aligns with the ever-changing regulations in the marijuana industry. But most importantly it’s about protecting your license and reputation. Contact us to learn more about our Compliance Discovery Sessions.

Do You Need METRC Support?

PsyCann offers Metrc support for businesses of all sizes and operation types. Whether you’re a cultivation facility, a dispensary, or an extraction facility we can help.

Metrc is used in many states to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale. PsyCann Advisors offers full-service Metrc consulting, from onboarding and training to audits and reconciliations.

Metrc Consulting

Metrc Audits

Metrc Training

Metrc Inventory Management

And Much More

Expert Cannabis Industry Compliance Solutions for all Operations

Cannabis business licenses are precious, brands in the recreational and medicinal cannabis industry, as well as operations that cultivate, produce, or sell hemp or CBD products, should be prioritizing cannabis industry compliance to protect those licenses.

The regulatory compliance environment is vast, necessitating continuous examination and refining of operational procedures in order to stay current with legal cannabis industry changes. With so many nuances in the industry’s legislation, sensible cannabis businesses must be proactive in managing the market’s potential pitfalls.

We Can Assist You No Matter What Vertical Your Business Operates In

Our cannabis business clients are forward-thinking, and they rely on us to create tailored compliance programs and processes, quality control efforts, and monitoring instructions to ensure that their operations comply with applicable laws and regulations. PsyCann is able to help you no matter your operational model.

Cultivation Facility Compliance

Cannabis Dispensary Compliance

Manufacturing Compliance

Testing Facility Compliance

And Much More

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Why Choose PsyCann for Cannabis Compliance Solutions and Support?

PsyCann is a team of cannabis consultants dedicated to mitigating compliance risks for your business continuity. We use a unique approach to offer the checks and balances, dependability, and dedication that gives you space to focus on what’s most important to you, growing your cannabis operation.

We are trusted partners standing in your corner. We build the models and the platform, empower and train your team, and give you tools for employees to navigate the daily compliance procedures, get you off the ground, and fine-tune your system to handle future errors and or changes with ease and confidence.

By working together, we can help streamline your compliance needs, save you money in wasted effort or tricky inventory management issues, and build your revenue through self-sufficiency, system optimization, and training. And best of all, you have a trusted resource in your back pocket for whatever obstacles arise!

cannabis compliance experts

Dedicated and Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting

PsyCann was founded with the goal of making the marijuana industry a model of safety, ethics, and professionalism. That dedication motivates us to engage with customers that share our mission, and we go above and beyond to assist them in achieving and maintaining the utmost level of compliance. This allows our clients to maximize business development and growth without having to worry about compliance which is a full-time job.

Attentive and Forward-Thinking Cannabis Consulting Firm

PsyCann Advisors' acts as an extension of your team whether it comes to continued business development or compliance support. Our team is prepared to answer to inquiries in a timely and reliable manner. When regulations change, we keep ahead of the game by sending updates and proactively working with our partners to adapt their operational compliance structure. In young regulated markets cannabis consulting firms should always be forward-thinking and one step ahead of regulations.

Cannabis Industry Experience

Cannabis industry experience is invaluable when it comes to navigating regulatory compliance in a young and heavily regulated niche. PsyCann's team of cannabis consultants has decades of combined experience at all levels of the industry and in many varying verticals. Trusting your compliance needs with just anyone is ill-advised. You can trust that PsyCann has the experience needed to successfully manage all your compliance needs.

Trust and Transparency for Marijuana Businesses

Cannabis legislation is complicated, and because it is still in its infancy, it is subject to frequent regulatory adjustments. We are a trusted partner and bridge for both cannabis businesses and local governments to strive to exceed regulatory standards, rather than managing this continuously changing landscape alone. By relying on PsyCann's cannabis consultants, you will trade worry for a sense of security.

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