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Cannabis Licensing Consulting

Are you hoping to take part in the emerging cannabis industry?

With the recent growth of the industry across the United States comes a myriad of opportunities in the legal cannabis niche. However, to start your own legal and successful cannabis company you’ll need to obtain a cannabis business license from your state. PsyCann’s expert cannabis licensing consulting team is here to help entrepreneurs and their teams obtain a license to start their own successful cannabis business.

We're PsyCann and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

How Can PsyCann Help You With Your Cannabis License Application?

cannabis license consultants

With more states enacting legislation that permits businesses to lawfully cultivate and sell cannabis products, the cannabis market is expanding rapidly throughout the United States. In order to participate in the “plant-touching” cannabis space in any way, you’ll need a license from your state.

The good news is cannabis consulting companies can assist you with this no matter what stage of licensing you are in or what type of license you are applying for.

What Can PsyCann Help You With?

Our application writers, regulatory compliance experts, and cannabis licensing team are some of the best in the industry. PsyCann can help your cannabis business not only complete your application in a timely manner, we can also greatly improve your chances of being awarded a license. We’re confident that you’ll find our team of experienced professionals to be one-of-a-kind, and extremely good at what we do.

Project Management

Financial Plans and Models

Cannabis Business Plans

Security Plans

Real Estate

Team Building and Recruiting

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Community Relations

Investment Plans & Pitch Decks

Executive Summaries

Drafting, Editing, and Submitting License Applications

Superior Cannabis License Application Services

PsyCann’s cannabis consultants offer many solutions for those wanting to apply for a license. Our cannabis consulting firm provides support and services during the pre-licensing phase as well as during the application process itself. PsyCann can assist with all operational license types, and we work in both the medical and recreational cannabis spaces.

Types Of Licensing We Can Help With:

Cannabis Dispensary License


Vertically-Integrated Licensing




Processing & Manufacturing

Hemp Licensing

And Much More!!!
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The Importance of Pre-Licensing Consulting

PsyCann’s team of cannabis industry experts can help you during the pre-licensing phase as well as become a mentoring partner. Using a Pre Licensing Assessment, also known as a Feasibility Report or Assessment you’ll be able to get a better overall picture of your chances to start a cannabis business.

The assessment will help your team build a strong foundation for not only the application process but also to help maximize your business development from the get-go.

The Pre Licensing Assessment is made up of many variables, however, the core areas to be assessed are real estate, financial capability, your team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your team’s knowledge of the canna industry.

Pre-licensing support leads to a higher rate of success in obtaining a cannabis business license and it also helps maximize business development over the long term.

Pre-Licensing Questions and Checklist

Before you jump head-first into the cannabis application process, you’ll want to ask some yourself and your licensing consultant questions so you can make some educated decisions.

Is it legal to establish marijuana businesses or sell marijuana-related products in your chosen location?

Have you determined what local, state, and county approvals proposed cannabis businesses need?

What is the length of time it will take to obtain a license? Is the timeline realistic for your team?

What specific operational license type or types will your team pursue? What are the requirements and needs for each type of business license application you'll need to submit?

What are your chances of actually completing the application process and what are your chances of being granted a cannabis industry license?

we're great at what we do

Why Choose PsyCann for Cannabis Licensing Consulting?

cannabis licensing consulting

Professional Cannabis Consulting Experience

Cannabis industry knowledge gives you an edge over your competition. Our marijuana consultants have decades of combined experience in many different areas of the cannabis industry. Our core executive team has experience in regulatory compliance, Metrc training, licensing, real estate, marketing, branding, sales, cultivation, wholesale, and much more. We also have decades of combined experience in obtaining cannabis licenses for those looking to start their journey in the marijuana industry.

Project Management

Often overlooked but much needed is the need for project management to complete a successful application, and ultimately establish a cannabis business. Both first-time and experts cannabis entrepreneurs often underestimate the required resources, bandwidth, budgets, and timelines required to obtain a cannabis industry business license. Furthermore, it's a priority to plan for unforeseen obstacles that could affect the cannabis license application process. Professional cannabis consulting firms can and should be used to manage the entire application process.

Our Core Values

PsyCann's core values are integrity, transparency, consistency, and passion. Integrity is important in a new highly regulated industry, as it leads to trust. Transparency leads to open and clear communication which is a must to succeed in this industry. Consistency leads to professionalism and high-quality work, we take pride in our work for every single client no matter how big or small. Passion in this industry is important, knowing that your team of marijuana consultants is approaching your business with passion is inspiring and leads to going that extra yard for our clients.

PsyCann is a Domestic and International Cannabis Consulting Company

Why should I use professional cannabis consultants to help with my cannabis business license application?

The financial investment and time dedicated to completing the application process and hopefully obtaining a cannabis industry license is no small venture. Competition is fierce and your team will want to leverage every advantage they can.

How many cannabis consultants and what type of skill sets you’ll need will vary depending on each individual business.

Often times cannabis businesses will only have one chance to obtain a license. When you factor in the experience and knowledge good consultants can bring to your team, you’ll most likely want to leverage cannabis industry consultants. Your competition will be using cannabis consulting resources, and knowledge and experience are often the difference between success and failure in the global cannabis industry.

Cannabis Consultants Have Valuable Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry aren't something you can fake, however you can invest in individuals who already have the knowledge and experience. Even the most seasoned cannabis entrepreneurs invest in professionals for a reason, leveraging every advantage will only increase their chances. Protect your investment by investing in professional cannabis consultants who have gone through the licensing process many times.

Cannabis Businesses That Use Professional Industry Consultants Increase their Chances of Obtaining a License

Another factor when determining whether or not to invest in consultants is applications that use professionals have a much higher success rate. It's really that simple, having experience and knowledge on your side is a sure-fire way to protect your investment.

Marijuana Licensing FAQS

PsyCann provides services to the entire global legal cannabis industry. Our knowledgeable marijuana consultants work in both established and developing jurisdictions, as well as assisting governments in establishing, communicating, and implementing their cannabis regulations and business programs.

PsyCann’s goal is to help your business succeed. Each cannabis company is unique, which is why we provide personalized service plans that are tailored to your specific objectives and needs. PsyCann can assist you with any part of the application process. although we recommend that you employ a cannabis consulting firm starting during the pre-licensing phase.

For the application process, our process is comprised of an initial consultation, orientation, weekly meetings, business development assistance, and continued collaboration.

Our cannabis consultants are here to assist you with everything from project management to application writing, developing your business plan, technical writing, helping to optimize facility design, compliance, team building, training, and more, our cannabis consultants are here to serve you.

The more time you allow yourself to acquire business licenses in the cannabis sector, the more likely you are to succeed. That’s the simple answer. Last-minute applications often fail and we suggest waiting for the next round of licensing rather than wasting time and money trying to acquire a license against short timelines.

The more complicated answer is, the amount of time depends, each scenario is different. Timelines can also be affected by how competitive different markets are. Successful applications can take hundreds of hours to complete, depending on your state, the number of licenses available, your chosen operation type, social equity status, and more.

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