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Marketing and Branding for the Cannabis and Psychedelic Industries

Marketing and branding are top priorities for every business, especially in the cannabis and psychedelic industries. PsyCann offers end-to-end marketing solutions as well as cannabis and psychedelic industry branding to ensure your vision and message are cohesive.

Professional Marketing and Branding Solutions

Psycann offers a full-range of marketing and brand building solutions to help any type of cannabis business not only compete but to also succeed. Whether you need a website, SEO, merchandising, or need help building a new brand PsyCann can help

Digital & Print Marketing

Social Media • Reputation & Review Management • Copywriting • Content Marketing • Listings • Sales Funnels • SMS Marketing • and More

Brand Building

Logos • Graphic Design • Brand Identity • Strategy • Product Packaging • Merchandise and Swag • Videos • Podcasting • 2D & 3D Animation • and More

Web Design

Web Design and Development • WordPress CMS • SEO • Webmastering • Dispensary Web Sites • Web Site Redesign • Ancillary Businesses • and More

Productivity Services

MS 365 Setup • Google Workspace Setup • Quick Books Integration • CRM Setup & Integration • Data Migration • Booking & Calendar Apps • and More

Improve Your In-House Marketing Bandwidth With Our Mission Control Dashboard System

One of the biggest problems in-house marketing teams face especially in young regulated industries is bandwidth. PsyCann provides a centralized dashboard that allows for increased bandwidth and analytics which leads to more time to work on the tasks at hand.

5 Steps for Cannabis and Psychedelic Marketing Success

What services are important during each step of the customer’s journey? PsyCann has added clarity to the digital marketing process by breaking our services down as they relate to the 5 steps of a customer’s journey. So whether you are having trouble being found, or you need to improve your online reputation we can help.

1. awareness - stimulus
In order to be chosen you first need to be known. Potential clients and consumers need to be made aware of your brand, services, and or products. Establishing a solid foundation to begin with is vital.
2. findability - search
If potential clients can not easily find your business online you will not be chosen. Making it easy on clients and consumers to also find information about your business is essential.
3. Reputation - Research
In order to be chosen, you need to have a positive reputation. The more positive reviews the more you will be chosen. Negative reviews or a lack of reviews can be an issue. We can help.
4. Conversion - Purchase
Once a potential client or consumer is ready to invest in your products or services you need to be able to easily convert them into paying clients and consumers. PsyCann can help.
5. Advocacy - Loyalty
Brand loyalty goes a long way and this is why customer advocacy is so important. Loyal consumers keep coming back, and just as important they help you grow your consumer base.
brand loyalty
What else can PsyCann
do for you?

Get the Attention You Deserve with our Marketing and Branding Experts

“We hired PsyCann to help with our brand identity and ended up using them for all of our brand building and digital marketing needs. The personal attention to detail we received was refreshing. The design work was amazing, way beyond our expectations which inspired us to create a better brand in the long-term.  “

Tanya Dean, CEO and Founder of Surreal Cannabis

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