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6 Reasons to Use Cannabis Business Consultants for Your Licensing Application

How do you make your cannabis license application stand out?

The cannabis business licensing process can be demanding and time-consuming due to the dozens of sections that need to be completed. Completing all of the sections of the application is only half the battle. Many state licensing authorities employ a competitive scoring system that rates applications and grants cannabis business licenses to those who perform best. This means that completing the basic standards is rarely enough to secure a much-needed license; you must make your application stand out. The global cannabis industry is booming, do you have what it takes to succeed?

Leverage Cannabis Industry Consultants when Applying for a License

So, why work with cannabis licensing consultants?

Applying for a license in the cannabis industry can be an arduous process as well as highly competitive. You’re going to need some help. Luckily, cannabis industry consulting support and services can equip you with everything you’ll need to complete your application for a cannabis license. Here are six reasons to use cannabis business consultants for your cannabis license application.

Reasons to Use Cannabis Business Consultants

Table of Contents

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1. Meet Deadlines with Professional Project Management

Depending on the state marijuana licensing applications that teams are required to complete can have dozens of sections and hundreds of pages. An application cannot be completed and submitted in a single day and should never be rushed. That being said a competitive application will take approximately 4-6 weeks to finish on average at least.

The licensing process can be pretty chaotic if not properly organized. MJ business consultants provide services that help your team avoid common errors that many inexperienced teams make when tackling the cannabis license application process. One common error licensing experts are fully aware of is that many applicants underestimate the time needed to complete a winning application.

In order to stay on track and meet timelines, project management becomes invaluable. A good cannabis licensing consulting team should have an established system in place to manage projects. They should not only be able to help you with project planning but also with strategic planning as well.

When you employ cannabis industry consultants to operate as extensions of your team, you’ll have experienced professionals on your side who will make sure you meet your deadlines. They will develop a timeline that plots out every section of the application, ensuring that the application is done with time to spare. Time that can be used to double check each section and further improve the application.

2. Specialized Cannabis Consultants Lead to a More Competitive Application

Cannabis business applications are composed of specific sections that require the expertise of all areas of a cannabis business, from the business plan and SOPs to facility design, real estate, security, and financials. The best way to approach the cannabis licensing application process is to leverage the expertise of specialized consultants for each section. For example, a security expert should be consulted for the security section of the application.

Cannabis consulting firms employ experts that specialize in various aspects of the cannabis industry, such as tax accounting, compliance, real estate, facility design, and marketing to name a few. Because they have in-depth knowledge of each section’s specific subject matter they have the ability to complete each section of your application at a professional level. This maximizes each section to create a higher quality and more competitive application. An application that can stand out from the crowd and get your team one step closer to obtaining a license to operate a cannabis business.

Lastly, you should leverage dispensary business consulting services if you are applying for a dispensary license and you should use cultivation consultants if apply for a grow license,

A good team of cannabis consultants can also help maximize business development after you receive a license as well. 

3. You Can Leverage Cannabis License Application Writers and Researchers

It’s important to sound professional when applying for a cannabis license it will only improve your reputation with the cannabis regulatory authorities who grant licenses. Cannabis business license application writers can help.

Individuals who are skilled in research and technical writing are required to complete a successful application. This is when the services of an expert cannabis technical writer become quite beneficial. They’ll communicate in clear, direct language to show how well they understand cannabis and your company’s potential to generate a positive economic impact on the community.

Technical writers who are qualified are not only excellent writers, they’re also excellent researchers and meticulous proofreaders. Your state’s marijuana business rules and regulations should be familiar to an experienced cannabis application writer as well. They’ll go through each part for grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as double-check that nothing has been overlooked.

Licensing and technical writers are the unsung heroes of the cannabusiness consulting world, invest in the best ones you can find.

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4. Canna Consultants Can Better Illustrate Profitability and Compliance

Any competent cannabis application team will illustrate effectively that you will be a successful and profit-making marijuana operation. They’ll answer the tough issues surrounding your operation, such as security, storage, taxes, accounting, compliance, insurance, marketing, legal protections, and so on.

Good application writers will make sure the material is free of any personal biases or emotions. Many individuals who try to complete the application on their own may not realize that excessively passionate or personal responses can jeopardize their chances of receiving a license.

The panel reviewing your cannabis license application doesn’t care about your opinions or personal feelings; they want your application to show how well you understand the processes and operations of running a successful cannabis operation. They’re interested in evaluating your business’s profitability potential while remaining compliant with state marijuana laws. Keeping things logical and technical on such a passion project can be difficult, hire technical writers to avoid these mistakes.

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5. Cannabis Real Estate Support

Real estate support is one of the most important areas for cannabis entrepreneurs if they plan to suceed.

Securing cannabis-friendly real estate is one of the steps you’ll need to take in order to have your application considered for licensing, and a cannabis real estate expert can help. They can assist you in locating, evaluating, and purchasing cannabis-friendly real estate that fulfills all applicable safety and security requirements as well as all relevant regulations and zoning constraints for your type of cannabis operation in your state.

Finding an acceptable green-zoned property can be overwhelming and frustrating on your own, leverage cannabis real estate agents and brokers to help your team. You’ll save yourself time, money, and lots of frustration. A good 420 real estate team is important if you plan on establishing a successful cannabis business as well as the ability to maximize business development over the long term.

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6. Consultants Offer Professional Experience and Knowledge

A cannabis consulting business with years of expertise in preparing marijuana license applications understands what it takes to make your application competitive.

New cannabis entrepreneurs may have business experience and know-how outside of the industry, but you may not be familiar with certain areas of the cannabis industry. Cannabis-specific knowledge could include cannabis business regulations, cultivation processes, 280E taxes, security requirements, marijuana facility safety, lab and extraction technology, and more.

Professional cannabis consulting firms with a lot of experience in the cannabis sector are made up of teams of specialists with specific competence in various areas of the marijuana industry.

This includes attorneys that are well-versed in state and federal marijuana laws, rules, and regulations. Canna-accountants can ensure that your company meets all tax and accounting requirements. Expert cannabis marketing consultants are well aware of the constraints that come with marketing products due to regulations. In addition, experienced cannabis industry real estate consultants and brokers can help you locate, assess, and acquire properly zoned properties.

Each of these cannabis professionals will assist you in ensuring that every component of your application is completed in a professional manner in order to demonstrate competence. Consultants are the key to maximizing a successful cannabis business license application.

Conclusion - Applicants That Use Professional Cannabis Consultants Increase their Chances of Obtaining a License

Teams that employ professional cannabis consultants to complete their applications have a far greater chance of being successful. It’s really as simple as having expertise and knowledge on your side to protect your investment in obtaining a license to operate that you may only have one chance of acquiring.

When it comes to the licensing procedure, each state will have its own regulations and requirements. Inexperienced applicants may be unaware of state-specific laws, licensing information, or the intricacies of the marijuana business application process and underestimate the required timeframes and resources.

Many inexperienced applicants are unaware that business license applications for cannabis businesses may be denied because of a technicality, such as an incomplete section or missing papers.

The licensing application process can be time-consuming and expensive, it would be a waste to miss out on your only immediate opportunity to acquire a cannabis license because you tried to do it yourself. As a result, when applying for a license, working with cannabis consultants should be viewed as an investment that is well worth making.

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