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New Jersey to Use Metrc

New Jersey to Use Metrc

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It’s official, New Jersey will be using the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system to enforce cannabis business compliance. New Jersey has reached a contract with Franwell to use Metrc, Franwell is a Florida-based company that provides cannabis tracking and tracing technology to state governments around the country.

The transaction was finalized on March 11 and was approved earlier this year by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The federal contract for a track-and-trace system in New Jersey is Metrc’s 18th.

“As New Jersey kicks off its first cannabis track-and-trace system, we’re excited to help lead the charge on implementing this crucial step toward effective regulation,”

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Metrc Aids in Enforcing Regulatory Cannabis Compliance

The Metrc system aids in regulatory cannabis compliance, precise sales data reporting, combatting the unregulated market, and consumer and product safety advancements.

“Metrc looks forward to working closely with the state of New Jersey, regulators, and licensed business owners to ensure the security and safety of both the state’s medicinal market and the newly established adult-use market.”

Metrc supports approximately 250,000 clients in 16 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam, including cultivators, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulatory agencies, and law enforcement officers. Metrc currently has exclusive government contracts in all of the country’s regions.

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