Welcome to PsyCann’s METRC Deep Dive:

Many cannabis businesses are required to use the METRC track and trace program in order to adhere to compliance regulations. METRC can be very helpful but also complicated. PsyCann can help.

Welcome to PsyCann’s METRC Deep Dive: where we offer your team a personalized and custom online Metrc onboarding, training, and deep-dive Q&A with some of the best leaders in the industry.

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Why Invest in a METRC Training Workshop?

Our METRC Deep Dive Workshops are taught by passionate cannabis leaders who’ve been in the field since the beginning. Trainers who have used the METRC system, trained and managed, struggled and discovered, navigated and figured it out. Educators who know the effort it takes and believe in YOUR ability to master it.

Our online workshops are designed to focus on YOUR specific license by navigating your logged in metrc and following the compliance rules of your particular state. We want you to succeed and build these workshops to support to your specific needs.

Who Benefits From Our Course?
  • Anyone who looks at, inputs data into, or uses METRC
  • Owners/Operators
  • All Managers
    • Inventory Managers
    • Compliance Managers
    • Store and General Managers
    • Assistant Managers
  • Head Growers & Cultivators
  • Budtenders
  • Processors
METRC Workshop Topics
  • Dispensary Training
    • Packages Management
    • Consistency in product naming
    • Onboarding new team members
    • Negatives
    • Sales Receipts management
    • Manifest Management


  • Cultivation Training
    • Clones process
    • Tagging plants
    • Moving through Plant cycles
    • Harvest processes
    • Waste Management
    • Package Creation 
    • Manifest Management


  • Processing
    • Production Batch development
    • Product creation processes
    • Testing submissions
    • Manifest Management


  • All Other License Types
    • License-specific management 
    • Navigating the regs to support
Allow it to feel like a breath of fresh air knowing you can have your METRC organized and systemized so you can focus on what matters most, your cannabusiness.

What This Includes

What this includes:

-Questionnaire to get started.

  • Main struggles and biggest fear.
  • What portion of the system would you like to spend time on?

-Personalized introduction to your particular license in Metrc.

-What Metrc looks like and what it means for your business.

-Walkthrough of your system.

-Address the bigger issues that you encounter.

-“The Why and When” for different scenarios that online videos just can’t train.

-Burning question Q&A

-If you already know the basics, we can problem solve and expand your knowledge.

What this does not include:

-Reconciliation of your Metrc program.

-Deep Dive into solving all the issues.

-Where solutions to processes exist rather than how it’s all done.

$300 - 1 License Type

1.5 hours - Max. of 6 people

$500 - 2 License Types

2.5 hours - Up to 8 people

$750 - 3 License Types

3.5 hours - Up to 10 people

How it Works

Step 1: Once payment comes through, we schedule the Zoom meeting around your busy schedule. The best times are at a time when the most amount of employees are able to attend. 

Step 2: Once selected, we will send emails to everyone in your business who will attend with the Zoom link.

Step 3: On our scheduled Zoom meeting, we will work on:

  • A deep dive walkthrough of your specific license system
  • How to navigate the system effortlessly
  • Creating consistency using METRC with memory and systematic techniques 
  • Approaching different business scenarios
  • Best practices
  • Dos and Donts. 
  • Q&A for your teams questions 

At the end of this walkthrough, you will feel confident in accessing and navigating metrc, and have a much more thorough understanding of the system and its processes.

Sign up for our METRC workshop to get the benefits of organized and managed systems that gives you control over your tracking compliance.

Choose our Team of Regulatory Experts for all of your Canna Business Needs.

The PsyCann team is attentive to the details that help them execute where others struggle to do so. We especially loved the values their team upholds; integrity, loyalty and kindness. In an industry fraught with a lack of business ethics, PsyCann is a breath of fresh air. If you’re just getting into the industry, or trying to expand the PsyCann team won’t lead you astray and will be a trusted partner.

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