New Jersey to Use Metrc

metrc new jersey

New Jersey to Use Metrc

New Jersey to Use Metrc

metrc new jersey

It’s official, New Jersey will be using the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system to enforce cannabis business compliance. New Jersey has reached a contract with Franwell to use Metrc, Franwell is a Florida-based company that provides cannabis tracking and tracing technology to state governments around the country.

The transaction was finalized on March 11 and was approved earlier this year by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The federal contract for a track-and-trace system in New Jersey is Metrc’s 18th.

“As New Jersey kicks off its first cannabis track-and-trace system, we’re excited to help lead the charge on implementing this crucial step toward effective regulation,”

new jersey METRC

Metrc Aids in Enforcing Regulatory Cannabis Compliance

The Metrc system aids in regulatory cannabis compliance, precise sales data reporting, combatting the unregulated market, and consumer and product safety advancements.

“Metrc looks forward to working closely with the state of New Jersey, regulators, and licensed business owners to ensure the security and safety of both the state’s medicinal market and the newly established adult-use market.”

Metrc supports approximately 250,000 clients in 16 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam, including cultivators, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulatory agencies, and law enforcement officers. Metrc currently has exclusive government contracts in all of the country’s regions.

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Sheva Pekar - Founder and CEO of PsyCann Advisors

Sheva Pekar is the founder, CEO and visionary leader of PsyCann Advisors. Through 7 years in the cannabis industry serving and advocating for clients in many different facets of the industry, Sheva has built a strong strategic industry vision and long game approach to business development. She has a unique skill on direct, clear, and respectful communication that has built trust and confidence in clients and colleagues. She is poised to be a leader in new and adaptive industries.

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METRC TRAINING: 8 Tips to Successfully Train your Team

Metrc training tips

METRC TRAINING: 8 Tips to Successfully Train your Team

METRC TRAINING: 8 Tips to Successfully Train your Team

Metrc training tips

As more states join the legal cannabis industry there is more demand for Metrc training programs as many are choosing the Metrc system as their state’s seed-to-sale tracking system for both medical marijuana and recreational. This article presents 8 tips for training your cannabis dispensary, cultivation, or manufacturing team on how to use Metrc effectively from the start.

Keep in mind cannabis compliance depends on a good foundation and diligence and these tips should help establish both. Legalized marijuana requires the comprehensive framework of a seed-to-sale tracking system to operate. In many states, this is the Metrc system.

In the post-legalization era, cannabis businesses are now required to use Metrc, a cannabis product inventory tracking system, in order to adhere to cannabis compliance regulations.

However, as ubiquitous and informative as this new software track and trace system may be for regulatory officials, it is a huge burden on canna businesses. It is not always easy or efficient when implementing such a large infrastructure change into an otherwise hectic schedule of running one’s own legal marijuana business. Adding to the burden is employee retention and training new employees. Hiring experienced Metrc consultants can help alleviate the issues.

Check out our Metrc Training Program

PsyCann's cannabusiness consultants can help train your team in any state. Save time, money, and headaches with our proven Metrc training programs.

#1 - Start Early! Be Prepared

Cannabis has been legalized across the nation at an accelerated pace most recently. Chances are newer states coming on board will be using Metrc. It is important to start educating your team on Metrc early rather than wait until the last minute. Having employees take part in a Metrc training course early on should be a high priority.

New cannabis licensees and employees already have quite a full plate and technology can be difficult to pick up on. Metrc is a complex system and implementing it from the ground up can be cumbersome and difficult for those not familiar with cannabis cultivation, licensing, or compliance arenas.

Start early and be diligent, inventory tracking compliance is vital to your success as a cannabis business and you can bet that other businesses have a plan.

Metrc Training Tips

#2 - Metrc Can Vary From State to State

It’s important to align your Metrc to meet the requirements in your specific state. It’s also important to invest in Metrc professionals and to communicate with the marijuana enforcement division in your state.

18 Jurisdictions Have Implemented Metrc

In many states where implementation has been implemented by 18 different jurisdictions across America to track cannabis products – like California for example – training on how best to make good use of this technological tool seems nonexistent at most times while some employees have reported that the learning curve was too steep due to the magnitude of reporting requirements needed throughout each day. That being said Metrc certification in California might differ from Colorado.

The moral of the story being, always be sure to check with your state’s regulations and training programs first and foremost. Third-party resource providers are not legal experts, regulations change over time, and some resources are more accurate than others. If in doubt always check with your local marijuana enforcement division for clarity, non compliance is a big deal, get to know your state’s cannabis regulations.

Metrc Consulting

#3 - Take Advantage of Metrc Resources for the Cannabis Industry

Many states have laws in place mandating that licensees take a Metrc training course before being issued their licenses. If your company is new to Metrc, the cannabis industry, or regulatory compliance it can be a great idea to take advantage of these training resources.

The Metrc website has various resources, there are also articles, videos, and other third-party materials out there to reference. Many track and trace and point-of-sale software companies are also producing excellent resources to try and lessen the learning curve.

Metrc Training Videos

#4 - Communicate to Employees the Importance of Cannabis Compliance

The whole point of a seed to sale tracking software system is to help operators comply with state regulations, start with a solid foundation of compliance with all your employees. Metrc analysis is simply part of a bigger compliance picture. Stress the importance of staying within the regulatory boundaries of your state and why Metrc training is so important.

You should begin establishing the importance of regulations before you even open your doors for business and by communicating this to all new and veteran employees on a regular basis. You can do this by establishing, implementing, and enforcing company processes that promote remaining compliant with state regulations at every level: whether it be production, distribution, or retailing. For example, if it is a retail location start enforcing the importance of Metrc package tags from the start.

Metrc Training Videos

#5 - Provide Multiple Employees with Professional Training

Many licensed 420 businesses learn a hard lesson, they only train one or two employees and expect those employees to train the entire staff. This is a recipe for disaster.

Train as many employees on Metrc seed to sale software Implementation with the appropriate training programs and certifications, so that you can ensure compliance at every level of your business. This will also help you identify problems within your company before they escalate into larger issues.

Another often overlooked aspect is employee retention, if only one or a small number of employees understand Metrc your company is vulnerable to that employee leaving for another job opportunity. Make sure you train multiple employees across multiple verticals.

Metrc Oklahoma Training

Oklahoma is transitioning over to Metrc on May 26th 2022, is your team ready? PsyCann can help with onboarding and training. Contact us to learn more.
Metrc Training California

#6 - Establish Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your Cannabis Business

Many businesses and industries rely on effective and established SOPs. Heavily regulated industries such as the cannabis industry rely on SOPs to maintain compliance, educate their staff, protect their staff, and explain duties and responsibilities in a fast-moving and fluid environment.

Establishing SOPs is a critical part of the cannabis Metrc implementation process, and should be incorporated into processes as well as your training plan from day one!

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are vital to your cannabis business. Even slight mistakes can lead you into a series of problems that end in catastrophe, so be sure to take care of every small detail from the get-go.

For example, mistakes in your SOPs could lead to an inaccurate inventory, which could lead to fines, temporary license suspensions, and closures. In extreme cases, permanent loss of your license is also a possibility.

Having an accurate SOP in place is essential for your team before taking part in Metrc training. It will help them understand their training and well as involve them in the SOP process itself. Make sure every step in the SOP process is accounted for, work with professionals during drafting, editing, and finalization processes to ensure that the SOPs are correct and effective.

metrc cannabis pros

#7 - Tailor the Metrc seed to sale training to fit your business's needs

Metrc is an intricate system that tracks every step of the cannabis supply chain from cultivation to final sale. The risk increases for trainees as they may misunderstand how Metrc works depending on what type of facility you are in whether it be cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, or a vertically integrated canna-business.

Where your business lies on the supply chain spectrum is important.

For example, cultivation facilities differ from a dispensary and both would have different SOPs when it came to dealing with track and trace and compliance.

Formulating effective SOPs can be time-consuming, confusing, and overwhelming. Trying on your own can be a disaster so hire an expert who will guide you through every step of the process from start to finish, as well as along the entire distribution chain!

Thankfully, knowledgeable professionals will take the hassle out of it for you. A good one will work with your business to customize these processes according to your business’s unique workflow and then align a Metrc training program that best fits YOUR needs.

How to Obtain your Metrc Production Vendor API Key
Your Metrc integration API key allows 3rd party software such as POS to access and sync with your Metrc account. Do not share your API key.
1. Open Metrc, first you need to verify that you have the correct permissions to access the API key.
2. CAUTION: If you don't have the correct permissions in Metrc and complete this procedure, your account will fail to report correctly and be out of compliance.
3. Next, please select your user profile > API Keys.
4. Lastly, select Generate to receive your API Key.
metrc regulations

#8 - Metrc: Planning Ahead

As cannabis markets continue to evolve and more states alter or introduce their own regulations, Metrc is doing its best to keep up with the regulatory aspect. As mentioned above the cannabis market is heavily regulated, fast-moving, and fluid with a lot of opportunity for innovation but also significant risk involved due in part due to all these changing factors.

Originally when states first started legalizing there was talk about creating a centralized and consolidated training program that Franwell, the creators of Metrc, would run.

Unfortunately, there is not one single training program that will work in all of these different regulatory environments especially not at the pace that cannabis is being legalized.

Professional Metrc Experience is Vital

Professional Metrc consultants like PsyCann Advisors have stepped up their game as they offer a personalized solution tailored specifically to each company’s needs when it comes to Metrc education. Professionals will be better able to help you get a handle on smart strategies and where regulations are heading in the future.

Planning ahead involves finding professionals you can trust and who do great work. Starting to develop a long-term working relationship with compliance and experts is a no-brainer. You’ll be able to plan long-term without risks that may come about due to regulatory changes.

Metrc Training

Conclusion: Metrc Consulting Training Tips

Time is more valuable than money when it comes to cannabis compliance, and a poorly executed training process can lead to drastic consequences for the license holder. It’s important for your cannabis company to properly introduce the team to cannabis tracking software right from the start by investing in professionals who will train them on how to use it properly.

Training programs can also ensure compliance is maintained for the long term within your facility, especially with the right professionals assisting you every step of the way.

What is Metrc?

Metrc stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. To learn more check out our "Comprehensive Overview of the Metrc Track and Trace System for the Cannabis Industry" to learn more about the cannabis tracking software system as well as our Metrc services.
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psychedelic consultant
Sheva Pekar - Founder and CEO of PsyCann Advisors

Sheva Pekar is the founder, CEO, and visionary leader of PsyCann Advisors. Throughout her 7 years in the cannabis industry serving and advocating for clients in many different facets of the industry, Sheva has built a strong strategic industry vision and long game approach to business development. She has a unique skill in direct, clear, and respectful communication that has built trust and confidence in clients and colleagues. She is poised to be a leader in new and adaptive industries

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